Besides several projects with leading biopharma companies, we are officially in cooperation with the following partners


Center of Excellence

ACIB, the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology, is at the forefront of integrating scientific research and industrial needs, driving innovation in biotechnology processes. Their collaborative projects span from improving pharmaceutical production to advancing bio-based materials, offering partners cutting-edge solutions for sustainable and efficient manufacturing. Novasign is a partner of ACIB being involved in several projects

ATMP Manufacturing

Antleron is an innovative advanced therapy company with the ambition to become the R&D hub for personalized medicine manufacturing solutions. Through co-creative engineering, Antleron fast-tracks pioneering workflows that turn cells into living medicines for all. Antleron and Novasign are collaborating in developing hybrid model solutions for ATMPs. Curently the seamless integration of hybrid models from the toolbox into CFD models is developed for the industry

Process Development Organization

bespark*bio is a forward-thinking biotech company, delivering bespoke process development services for vaccines, immuno-oncology, and cell and gene therapy products. bespark*bio combines best-in-class bioprocessing expertise with contemporary digitalization and pre-developed process streams to provide well-designed, effective, and scalable processes, thereby increasing the probability of success of their client’s projects. Integrating Novasign’s hybrid modelling into bespark*bios approach reduces experimental workload, deepens process understanding, and further expedites development of robust manufacturing processes.

BOKU University

Novasign is a spin-off from BOKU University Vienna. Embedded in the dedicated Spin-off center of the university, Novasign could develop its technology to market readiness

Process automation

Evon GmbH is specialized in process automation. Delivering solutions for home, traffic and industry automation the company is rapidly growing. With a strong MES system applied for different process industries Evon is a powerful partner for a modeling company like Novasign to integrate hybrid models for real-time monitoring and control into the widely applicable XAMControl MES solution


Granting institution

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) supported this project from the very beginning on. For Novasign the investment of 1.2 m€ from the FFG was the driver to develop the hybrid modeling toolbox until market readiness

University of Applied Sciences

The FH-campus Wien is an applied university which also focuses bioengineering. Novasign supports the FH in training students on digital manufacturing with the hybrid modeling toolbox. Students get a deep insight into the requirements and applications of process modeling

Technology cluster

Established in 2004 as a cluster association, Human.technology Styria operates as a public-private partnership, with the Federal Republic of Styria being the largest shareholder. The partnership includes public research institutions such as the Medical University of Graz and Joanneum Research, along with six private institutions – representatives from key local industry sectors including pharma,biotech,medtech (Neuroth, ZETA, VTU, Payer, and CanCom).

Advanced Process Control

Qubicon is a software platform for centralized data management, advanced monitoring and flexible process control in biomanufacturing. Qubicon and Novasign partnered to refine the use of hybrid models for soft sensing and model-based process control. Therefore, process data can be directly exported from Qubicon to the Novasign hybrid-modelling toolbox and developed models can be seamlessly integrated in Qubicon for real-time application

Process automation

Siemens and Novasign together implemented hybrid models for soft sensing on the SIPAT enviroment. As an example, these soft sensors can be used to start industion or transfection at a particular biomass concentration during cultivation processes. The implementation and functionalities can be accessed in the Siemens’ Living Lab in Vienna. Please contact our partner if you are interested

Biomedical Engineering

SimVantage is an expert in computational fluid dynamics. SimVantage has developed a proprietary fast CFD Solver that allows for unmet speed in CFD simulations. SimVantage and Novasign collaborate by integration of reactor characteristics into hybrid models which allows streamlined upscaling reducing transfer limitations.