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Novasign focuses on speeding up of bioprocess development with hybrid modeling solutions and software. Using advanced machine learning tools, a significant reduction in the bioprocess development timelines of both new pharmaceuticals and biosimilars is achieved. In addition to significantly accelerating design space characterization and optimization, our software solutions can be utilized to understand bioprocesses in the most efficient way

Our goal has always been to meld smart experimental design with advanced modeling algorithms into an easy-to-use software solution. This vision came to fruition with the establishment of Novasign in August 2019, evolving from a research project into a thriving company. Since our inception, we’ve assisted over 25 clients from the biopharmaceutical, food technology, and enzyme manufacturing sectors. Our unique workflow has enabled them to optimize their processes, achieving robust results with minimal experimental efforts.

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At Novasign, we create knowledge through smart data processing. Our independence, free from the influence of large corporations, empowers us to think innovatively and embrace an open ecosystem approach. While many competitors favor closed ecosystems, we’re guided by a different vision. Our objective is to develop connectors that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party solutions, recognizing that our clients’ needs are ever evolving. Our ultimate goal is to provide a collaborative environment where data, models and knowledge is easily accessible, allowing clients to work on projects with unprecedented power and control, ultimately increasing the value not only for organizations but also for the individuals using our tools. We foster innovation in bioprocessing!

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