What can Novasign models predict?
Primarily, our models forecast process performance and product quality, considering process parameters and material attributes. Additionally, they can estimate performance during scale-up and evaluate economic aspects based on equipment and cost inputs.
What's the best way to start modeling with Novasign?

We offer consulting projects  covering data preprocessing, modeling, and simulation. We deliver the models and digital twins via our software for practical application.

Our software comes with support and training, enabling users without modeling or programming expertise to easily model processes.

Is Taining and support available for new users of Novasign’s software?

Yes. Training is typically included in consulting projects, and several hours of customer support are provided with the purchase of a software license.

What if the modeling data is unavailable?

If modeling data is unavailable, we can conduct process development or specific experiments to generate necessary data.

How much time and effort can we save when working with Novasign?

We have shown in several projects that the experimental effort in the lab can be reduced by as much as 70% when applying our unique workflow on multidimensional input space compared to standard Design of Experiment approach.

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