Novasign’s consulting service combines a diverse arsenal of expertise in bioprocessing, modeling, and software engineering with the power of machine learning. By integrating our innovative technologies with cultivation, harvest, filtration, and chromatography processes, we ensure our clients receive clear solutions that create a real impact.


We have successfully applied our cultivation models in diverse areas of study, including microbials, cell culture, gene and cell therapy, and precision-fermentation processes.

These models facilitate the accurate prediction of process performance and product quality – covering cell viability, productivity, monoclonal antibody quality, and transfection efficiency – based on process parameters and material attributes. This leads to a robust foundation for process optimization, characterization, and scale-up strategies.

This avoids costly mistakes, and provides scientists and engineers more confidence in their work while setting up experiments, as well as optimizing and upscaling their bioprocesses. This not only streamlines process development workflows but also the manufacturing of market-ready products.

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Our harvest models are designed for state-of-the-art unit operations, including centrifugation and microfiltration for various products. These models yield insights into how process setting and material attributes (such as pressure, flow, filter types, and filter area) affect the removal of cell debris, pressure buildup and the risk of filter clogging.

With these models, operators can leverage historical data to make highly informed decisions about their experimental setup, reducing the likelihood of errors and product loss.

Implementing our harvest models translates into reduced operational risk, and a more streamlined workflow for setting up harvest processes for new biopharmaceutical products.


Our filtration models cover all important process aspects – such as ultrafiltration, diafiltration, continuous single-pass tangential flow filtration, and recovery operations – all while requiring a minimal number of experiments.

With these models, engineers can answer a range of questions: How to ensure the critical quality attributes of shear-sensitive products. What are the most suitable conditions for scaling-up unit operations? What is the optimal workflow for reducing the total operation time and maximizing plant utilization? Questions regarding the influence of product attributes, membrane types and recovery strategies on the process performance are answered quickly.

Scientists and engineers benefit from Novasign’s filtration model as a powerful tool to accelerate decision-making. This is particularly valuable in high-pressure situations where otherwise uninformed decisions form an imminent bottleneck within the bioprocess.


Novel Processes

Bioprocessing is a rapidly advancing field, and new processes emerge continuously. To that end, we not only support state-of-the-art processes but also specialize in tailoring our modeling solutions to accommodate novel bioprocesses and modalities. Our clients can rely on our experience in the fields of modeling and engineering (in both bioprocess and software spaces) to develop innovative solutions for emerging challenges. Bottom line – we keep our clients ahead by providing customized solutions.

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