Novasign offers intuitive bioprocess modeling software solutions for bioprocess development. The Hybrid Modeling Toolbox allows users to create insightful process models and the Digital Twin generates powerful process simulations to understand and act upon bioprocesses. 

Hybrid Modeling Toolbox

Novasign’s Hybrid Modeling Toolbox is a bioprocess modeling software that allows users to create and evaluate process models that are used for process optimizations and simulations as well as soft sensors or MPC predictors. Hybrid modeling merges engineering knowledge with artificial intelligence for the precise capturing of bioprocess dynamics. Therefore, this reduces experimental needs and improves accuracy for new process conditions. 

Digital Twin

The Digital Twin platform offers fast process simulations in a multithreaded environment, allowing users to interact with the process in an intuitive way. Users can freely interact with Digital Twin to improve their process understanding or use the inbuilt functionalities to quickly find new process optima automatically. Thus, it streamlines workflows, and enhances confidence in decision-making during process development. 

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