Novasign improves bioprocesses through modeling consulting, process development and software training. These services improve the bioprocess workflow throughout multiple stages: decreasing the number of experiments and increasing understanding via modeling in an easy-to-use software. 

Bioprocess Modeling Consulting

Novasign’s consulting service combines expertise in bioprocessing, modeling, and software engineering with artificial intelligence and expert knowledge. We thereby ensure that our clients receive clear and impactful solutions that make a real difference for their bioprocess workflow. 
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Process Development

Novasign’s process development service allows our clients to direct their valuable internal resources more effectively, enabling strategic decision-making and innovation, and reducing troubleshooting concerns for their bioprocess workflow. We design experiment workflows, data-evaluation roadmaps and offer our infrastructure for developing, optimizing and scaling-up of bioprocesses. 

Software Training

Our software training programs equip users with the necessary skills to effectively use our bioprocess modeling tools. Through hands-on practice and expert guidance, participants develop confidence to improve their bioprocess workflow. 

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