Novasign’s process development broadens our modeling service offering combining our expertise in bioprocess engineering and modeling to create customized operating procedures, conduct carefully planned lab experiments, and develop highly accurate process models with minimal experimental effort.

We reduce the risk of experimental failure for our client and ensure that all insights relevant for process development are captured.

Customized Operating Procedures

Our service involves designing workflows for experiments and data evaluation at any stage of process development, as well as providing a roadmap for future process optimization, characterization, and scale-up.

This customized approach ensures that the operating procedures can be implemented at the client's site with existing equipment without time-consuming adaptations.

This also ensures the efficient allocation of resources and minimizes costly errors down the line.

Lab Experiments

We provide comprehensive expertise and laboratory infrastructure for the development, optimization and scale-up of upstream and downstream processes. Our services cover initial research, development of operating procedures, and collaboration with our partners for conducting experiments at benchtop and pilot scale (including process analytics and data historization).

We accelerate process development for both upstream and downstream operations, ensuring complete data transparency for our clients.

Not only does this approach lower costs compared to conducting development in-house, it also enables scientists and engineers to take risk-reduced, data-driven decisions.

Bioprocessing 4.0

By leveraging insightful data from experiments, we create extendable, multi-purpose models. These models facilitate predictions for new products, modalities, and scales, in addition to enhancing process monitoring and control.

The use of these accurate process models leads to a significant reduction in experimental efforts and minimizes variation through the standardization of operating procedures, equipment, and analytics.

Our approach not only reduces costs, time, and risk today, but also positions our clients as pioneers in digitalization and bioprocessing 4.0

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